Join us for The State of Speaking in 2022 with the SpeakerTunity® team!

On Demand by Special Request

A special event designed to help you prepare and get booked in 2022!

There have been some big shifts in the past year with many more coming in 2022.

  • Virtual events, podcasts and online content have become the most important way that speakers and transformational leaders reach their audiences.
  • Digital marketing has changed dramatically, with massive changes coming (or they’ve already happened) to email marketing, online advertising and rules everyone must follow.
  • How we engage with our communities has shifted back “in-house,” with big moves away from public social media platforms like Facebook to platforms that allow better reach and connection.

We're here as your complete speaker and leader resource company to help you navigate these changes. 

What we'll share on the call:

  • How to make sure you’re well and uniquely positioned for the “digital shift” as it continues into 2022.
  • What resources will be critical versus what isn’t as important in the year ahead.
  • How to remain or become an influencer without needing to focus on social media.
  • Some critical, need-to-know tips about how our marketing world is about to change.
  • The consistent factors that will get you booked time and time again.

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On Demand by Special Request