How to Get 100s of Contacts for Your Perfect Stages in 15 Minutes or Less!

The worst thing about making your living enrolling clients from live or virtual stages is that you have to find those stages first. If someone you know doesn’t give you their stage or refer you to a booker, it’s up to you to keep the doors open by consistently tracking down opportunities.
It’s not much fun, but someone has to do it!
So let’s turn this on it’s head…what if you didn’t have to go searching for your next speaker leads?… how much more valuable could your time be on stages instead of searching for them?
Would you like an astonishingly simple and easy solution?

Your solution is waiting with this on-demand presentation and demo from SpeakerTunity®!

Your Presentation Hosts

Meet Jackie Lapin

Jackie Lapin is an Expert Speaker and founder of SpeakerTunity®, SpeakerTunity Cities®, and Conscious Media Relations. She provides thousands of speaker opportunities to leaders, authors and experts in the U.S. and Canada.  Over the years SpeakerTunity® has helped thousands of authors, speakers and transformational leaders get booked and get their message to the world in the way they deserve. 

Meet Ken Course

Ken Course is a digital marketing expert who has specialized in the speaking and expert industry for nearly 15 years.  He is known internationally for his high energy, experiential, and interactive presentations that create positive momentum for business owners.  Ken has been a key team member in over 10 multi-million dollar launches, as well as appeared as a featured expert on over 150 stages with speakers such as Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Rick Frishman, Mike Koenigs, Justin Livingston, Kevin Harrington, Nancy Matthews, and many more.