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There are millions of stages out there just waiting for you - on a vast number of platforms - live and virtual stages, conferences, podcasts, radio shows, videocasts, virtual summits, TEDx events and more . If you aren’t taking advantage of them, your business or your book are likely underperforming!

Access them as a speaker and you will see an instant turn-around!

First, do you know what tools do you need to get booked for any of these?

Secondly, finding and getting on these stages can be daunting and intimidating. And, honestly, who has the time to do this research? So how would you like a shortcut?

Come join The Path to Total Visibility & Massive Impact, and hear booking expert Jackie Lapin on all the shortcuts available to you to help you get booked on all of these platforms!

Whether you plan to do the booking yourself, or outsource the outreach, she’ll give you answers to all the roadblocks that have stifled your speaking - and sales - in the past!

Take the Masterclass now and get booked everywhere!