We invite you to join us in introducing to your community the two unparalleled, first-of-their-kind SpeakerTunity® Speaker Lead Directories with contacts for meetings, venues and associations! We are giving your peeps a choice between:

SpeakerTunity Cities®:  A regional directory close to home covering thousands of leads in multiple specialty categories where their target audience congregates (now with a full 75 markets in the U.S. & CAN). They receive leads in 4 categories: (business, service, consumer and spiritual) Up to 2000+ leads in any market. Great for live meetings or virtual presentations.

SpeakerTunity Speaker Specialties®:  A national or regional directory JUST in their niche specialty (61 specialties) of the specific genre of meeting or organization where their target audiences meet. A nearly unlimited directory of meetings to speak virtual all across the continent.

You Pick the Niche & We Give You the Contacts!

We’ll be “officially launching” SpeakerTunity Cities® and SpeakerTunity Speaker Specialties® on September 7th and continuing through the 14th!

Let us know that you're in to promote: