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SpeakerTunity®, The Speaker & Leader Resource Company, Aggregates All the Resources Successful Speakers Need to Get on Stages Faster, Improve Your Booking Success, Achieve Your Impact Goals, Create More Revenue and Uplevel Your Skills –All through our unique assortment of individual resources.

Now here in SpeakerTunity Members Only® we are making it easy to accelerate your success by combining selected products in our silver, gold or platinum membership levels. Now you don’t have to decide between many of our great products, you can simply pick your membership level and get one package with whopping value!

Members Only Levels


Conference Connections Plus

For the Leader who wants to specifically speak at more Conferences and Events

3 Premiere Speakertunity® Products to Get You Booked and Generating Client Acquisition or Paid Engagements on Conferences!

Only $47/month - 3 Month Commitment
$397 Annually - Save  $167!


On-Demand Speaker

For the Leader ready to become more well-known through more speaking gigs, radio interviews, podcasts and online opportunities.  

This membership includes access to everything at the silver level along with our 4 Premiere SpeakerTunity® Memberships which give you the contacts you need to get booked quickly.

Only $127/month - 3 Month Commitment
$997 Annually - Save $527!


Massive Impact

For the Leader ready to fully jump in and achieve authority, visibility and impact in the Marketplace. This is your ticket to more -- a vast reservoir of opportunities to drive your momentum!

Up to 25 Speakertunity® Directories, Tool and Training Programs to give you access to all the platforms and knowledge you need to grow your business, along with a monthly Q&A to get all the questions you have answered!

Only $297/month - 6 Month Commitment 
$2,997 Annually - Save $567!

Looking for a Complete Concierge Experience?

Speakertunity® Concierge gives you a guided experience complete with personal support from a dedicated concierge on the SpeakerTunity® team, a booking assistant through Book for You Virtual Assistants and all of the contacts and resources you need for speaking success.

Member Level Details:

Programs and Descriptions

Included in Silver

Included in Gold

Included in Platinum

SpeakerTunity Conference Connections®

Thousands of Conferences each month to review and submit - 20 different categories!

SpeakerTunity Speaker Showcase®

Your profile featured where meeting & event planners can find you.

SpeakerTunity Resource Collective®

Digest all of the experts and resources you need to uplevel your speaker success.

Changemaker Collaboration Circle

Connect with like-minded speakers and leaders to develop relationships and teammates for the future.

SpeakerTunity® Shares Group

Regular speaking and presenting opportunities shared by the SpeakerTunity® team as well as our community.

SpeakerTunity Speaker Leads®

120 Leads/Month on Live and Virtual Platforms

SpeakerTunity Radio Insider®

40 "Life Enhancing" Podcasts, Radio Shows and Videocasts monthly

SpeakerTunity Radio Insider for BUSINESS®

40 "BtoB" Podcasts, Radio Shows and Videocasts Monthly

SpeakerTunity Summits®

Summits seeking Guest Presenters and Giveaways

SpeakerTunity Booking System®

Samples, Templates & Scripts to Pitch Yourself

Live Coaching and Hot Seats

Join a monthly Zoom to answer your questions

SpeakerTunity TEDx Directory®

All TEDx events in North America with details

Get Booked Training Programs

Fill Up Your Speaking Calendar, Create Explosive Business Growth and Change More Lives

SpeakerTunity Cities Regional Directory®

3 Regional Contact Directories of Your Choice

Choose Up to 6 Cities or Specialty Directories

SpeakerTunity Speaker Specialties®

3 Directories of Contacts in Your Specialty or Niche

Choose Up to 6 Cities or Specialty Directories

SpeakerTunity Virtual Networking Update®

300 Virtual Networking Opportunities, including 75 for women

Actual Product Value:




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Become a Silver Member

Only $47/month - 3 Month Commitment
$127 - 3 Month Membership
$247 - 6 Month Membership
$397 Annually - Save  $167!

Introductory Offer Only!

Become a Gold Member

Only $127/month - 3 Month Commitment

$347 - 3 Month Membership

$697 - 6 Month Membership
$997 Annually - Save $527!

Introductory Offer Only!

Become a Platinum Member

Only $297/month - 6 Month Commitment

$797 - 3 Month Membership

$1,597 - 6 Month Membership 
$2,997 Annually - Save $567!

Introductory Offer Only!