Impactful, Professionally-Designed Slides Made Easy

As a speaker and leader, a powerful presentation deck for stage, virtual appearances or webinars is a must!

But not everyone has the design skills to make their content compelling, attention-sustaining and enrolling—whether that is for a free lead inducement or a solid offer. 

And do you know some of the “secret” slides that should be embedded within the presentation to motivate the audience?

No need to fret any more about the visual quality of your deck and making sure that it is sequenced in ways that promote opt-in, sales and enrollment!

SpeakerTunity Speaker Slide Design®

is a solution that will give you smart, effective, appealing and impactful slides to educate and woo your next prospects and clients.

Here’s how this works:

  • Template Option: Choose which one of our pre-created color and designed templates you wish to use. Then fill in your own slides, including adding graphic elements of your own selection and importing them. We’ll provide a slide template that tells you exactly what type of information to provide on each sequenced slide for maximum impact. You can alter it however you choose, but we’ve provided a template that works!  
  •  Licensing of SpeakerTunity Slide Template: $199
  • Template + Designer: You choose the template, and provide your content to our team either on a previous deck or on a word document, and provide graphic elements. We can provide the recommended slide sequencing if desired. Our designers will fill in the slides for your review. Two full reviews and edits are permitted with the pricing (up to 40 slides within this pricing).
  • Production of up to a 40 slide presentation: $360 (less than $10 a slide!)

  • Additional Slides @ $25/slide

  • Two reviews and edits included

  • Custom Design: You provide your previous deck for redesign or a completely sequenced word document or excel file, with some suggestions of the type of design you would like to see and the colors by selecting from the PowerPoint Palette (link to this). We can provide the recommended slide sequencing if desired. You provide graphics or make suggestions of what you would like to see for the graphic on the slides that you wish to have graphically illustrated.

  • Production of up to a 40 slide presentation: $595

  • Additional Slides @ $30/slide

  • $40/photo selected from stock photo services (your approval first)

  • Three reviews and edits included

SpeakerTunity Speaker Slide Design®

Provides Ease, Time-Savings, Flexibility, Quality Assurance, Confidence in Your Visual Impact, Affordability