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SpeakerTunity Sheets provides affordable professionally-designed Speaker One-Sheets and Podcast Introduction Sheets @ $349/ Speaker Sheet, $299/Podcast Sheet. All you do is select the template and colors, submit information in the form. 



SpeakerTunity Cities’ TEDx Directory provides up to 500 TEDx events sorted by date and by state/province. It also identifies which are virtual or live. @ $99/year. Updated twice a year.

Book For You Virtual Assistants

Don't have the time to book more speaking appearances, podcasts and virtual summits yourself? Introducing our strategic partner, Book for Your Virtual Assistants, which will take on the task of booking you once you’ve security a SpeakerTunity resource directory or subscription.  Book For You Virtual Assistants is a team dedicated to getting you booked for 20, 40 or 80 hours per month.

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Stacey Hall

Go For YES with Stacey Hall



(702) 413-5316


primary category

Event Development & Management


Monetization Coaching/Business Building

ideal customer

A speaker who is frustrated they are not getting their message out fast enough to enough people.

programs or services offered

description of the program

My customized Go For YES strategy helps you identify the ideal audience for your message, how to get booked, and how to leave a legacy that lives on long after you are gone!

what makes the business unique

If you want to learn a unique strategy that has been proven over many years to produce more clients, bookings and sales and that keeps you in alignment with your core values, then let's chat to explore if my Go For YES strategy can work for you too.

I have presented at the National Speakers Association Convention, I am a TEDx presenter and I have trained many to take the TEDx stage, I have written 2 #1 best-selling books and I have produced 2 more #1 best-selling books and I am endorsed by numerous legends, such as Sam Horn, Jim Britt, and Dr. Joe Vitale.




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