We’ve Got The Graphics Every Speaker/Leader/Author Needs:

Handouts, Book Flyers and Lead-Magnet Ebook Creation

You’re a speaker, a leader or a writer—but you’re not a graphic designer!
Yet there are some truly important promotional materials that will help you in your mission of securing new clients, book or product buyers…and can be very costly to produce on a custom basis.

How about we help you cut your costs by creating templated-resources that our designers can adapt for your needs?

SpeakerTunity Speaker Handouts, Book Flyers and
Lead-Magnet Ebook Creation®

The Materials that Will Up-Level Your Promotion and Marketing

For a fraction of what it would cost for original design work, you can select a template for each of these that fits your needs, choose the colors, submit the content and graphics and have a perfect presentation piece to handout on stage; place in advertising; send to your customers, suppliers and distributors; post on social media, or offer as a lead-generation inducement.

You will have two reviews and edit opportunities.

  • One-Page Handout or Book Flyer: $325
  • Two-Page Handout or Book Flyer: $399
  • Graphically Designed Lead-Magnet Ebook:
    • 5 - 15 Pages: $325
    • 16 - 30 Pages: $399
    • Each Additional Page: $15

SpeakerTunity Speaker Handouts, Book Flyers and Ebook Creation®

is the simple, affordable, EASY solution to your graphics quandary!