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Conference Connections

SpeakerTunity Conference Connections® is continually compiling thousands of conference, event and expo speaking opportunities for you monthly in one single place -- where you simply pick the ones of interest and submit yourself!

  • Choose from 3000 conferences or more!
  • Hundreds more entries added each month.
  • 20 Different categories and 40 subcategories so YOURS are easy to find
  • Calls-for-Speakers - links included & contacts where available
  • We’ve noted which conferences are paid-to-speak, speak-to-sell, pay-to-play -- where known
  • We’ve noted which are live, virtual or hybrid
  • Sort by location
  • Easily downloadable excel file
  • Monthly reminders
  • Trained Virtual Assistants for hire to do the submission and follow up work for you!

All this for $47/month
3-month minimum enrollment

Speakertunity Cities

SpeakerTunity Cities Regional Speaker Lead Directories provides leaders and entrepreneurs with 1,500 to 3,000 individual speaker lead contacts at meetings, venues and associations within the market of their choice.

Leads include:

  • Business – subdivided into 55 industries, ethnicities and genders—75% of the directory
  • All service and philanthropic groups
  • Consumer special interest (parenting, seniors, military, LGBTQ, health/wellness support groups, marriage/singles/divorced and more!), plus bookstores, libraries and hospitals
  • Spiritual and faith based locations and meetings  
  • Opportunities for Live, Virtual and Hybrid speaking

75 markets available @ $479 for first market, $395 for second and special savings on regional bundles.



You pick the NICHE & we give you the contacts! We’ve got 60 individual niches! Giving you all the contact information for bookers, so you can be speaking virtually across the continent without leaving home.


  • General Business Leads for entrepreneurs, women’s business owners and leaders, faith-based business meetings, conscious business, LGBTQ businesses, chambers of commerce, business education and more…
  • Nearly 30 categories of monthly specific industry associations and business meetings—financial/insurance/accounting, coaches/authors, lawyers, human resources, construction/building and many more…
  • More than a dozen categories of consumer meetings & venues—parenting, relationships, seniors, health/wellness support groups, spiritual centers/yoga studios, addiction treatment, military, LGBTQ, bookstores and much more!


SpeakerTunity Sheets provides affordable professionally-designed Speaker One-Sheets and Podcast Introduction Sheets @ $349/ Speaker Sheet, $299/Podcast Sheet. All you do is select the template and colors, submit information in the form. 

To see more resources go to SpeakerTunity.com/toolbox

To have someone speak at one of your events, live or virtually, contact
jackie@speakertunity.com or kelley@speakertunity.com