March 10

My Pioneering Spirit | How Do YOU Approach Life?

I’ve been reflecting a bit on how I approach life. We each have a trait that more of less sums up how we approach life…some people are nurturers, others are adventures, others might be observers or perhaps teachers.

I believe I would proudly see myself falling into the category of pioneer…In looking back on my life I think I have boldly forged ahead where others have yet to go. Not because I’m fearless or that I’m a genius…I just think I’m responding to the cues from the Universe and from my internal yearnings.

Let me give you an example…When I was a child, my father had life-threatening cancer. He was only 32 years old. Fortunately, he survived but was unfortunately wiped out financially, so he elected to move us to another area to try to start over. But when we got there, it became very evident that I was very different than the other kids and that they had a closed social circle.

They didn’t want anything to do with me and I was very alone. Have you ever felt like an outlier?

Being alone, I had a lot of time to think…about what I loved. And two things I was passionate about were the Los Angeles Dodgers and writing. Calling to me was the idea of marrying them together, and so, at the age of 11, I created my dream of being a sportswriter, at a time there were no other women sportswriters. I committed myself to learning the right skills, and I was at the Detroit Free Press by 20, the Associated Press and on the front pages of the LA Times by 21 and at the Washington Post by 22.


Following that, I fell into working for the regional office of a big national PR firm. But I chafed at working for others, so I left and hung out my own shingle, but I knew that sports was what I still wanted to do at the time. All the sports PR firms in the country were then owned by men, who all loudly scoffed at my ability to succeed. But I just knew that there was a place in that world for a woman. And I subsequently built one of the largest sports/special events/cable TV firms in America with a world class client list that included Toyota, Avon, Seagrams, Showtime, Playboy, HBO, the National Hockey League, the World Poker Tour and more.


After 20 years of running the agency, I felt called to write my two award-winning books on Practical Conscious Creation. And by then, I realized that the mainstream media had changed and was becoming difficult to book for clients. I sensed the universe was guiding me in a different direction, to serve other personal growth leaders like myself, by offering them to radio shows (and subsequently podcasts) where there was a willing audience! Media who were passionate about helping people improve their lives. That’s when we pioneered the personal development radio/podcast tour…which we still do.

Which leads me to today..

Many of our clients kept asking us if we would book speaking engagements (another universal nudge) but I knew that wasn’t for us …. but what if we could simply give them all the contacts themselves, therefore eliminating all their own research time to find speaking engagements?


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