The Biggest Speaker Saboteurs

(And How to Avoid Them)

Understand and avoid the biggest time, money and energy wasting mistakes that will prevent you from getting booked.

An On-Demand Presentation with Jackie Lapin.

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The Difference is In The Details!

What makes the difference between you and another speaker applying for the same booking?

The difference is much smaller than you realize.

Most of the time, it comes down to a few specific details in the way you present yourself. 

Even though these details might not feel that important, they're making a big impression on event bookers and producers.

In the limited time you have to impress someone, you need to make sure that everything is in order, up to date and presenting you as professionally as possible.

In over 10 years of booking speakers for events, interviews and engagements, I've heard and seen enough to know that the margin of error is very thin.

This training will give you everything you need to avoid these common mistakes and deliver the right message from the beginning.

What We'll Cover During the Live Training:

  • What information needs to be included in all of your material (and what doesn’t).
  • How to be memorable (which puts you ahead of the majority of speakers).
  • Getting your brand to work for you in attracting bookers and clients.
  • The critical art of looking consistent, compelling, current and professional.

Fixing just one of these areas may make the difference!

I'm Jackie Lapin and I've been helping authors, speakers and experts like you get booked for years!

As the founder of both SpeakerTunity®, I've spent years creating the ultimate speaker toolbox.

I've booked thousands of speakers for events, interviews and engagements for publicity and speaking tours.

As I've developed relationships with event bookers and producers, the complaints and frustrations about speakers are almost always the same even with the most experienced speakers.

These saboteurs are the first thing I look for when working with a new speaker in any of our products, programs or services.

Now you'll get the benefit of that experience!

Save yourself time, heartache and money by avoiding these critical mistakes.