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SpeakerTunity® Cities and Specialties

Cities and Specialties directories are claimed and downloaded on our specialty SpeakerTunity Directories site.

First, visit here to choose which Cities or Specialties you would like to choose:

Second, notify our team of which Cities and Specialties you choose:

Speaker Leads

SpeakerTunity Speaker Leads features speaker leads across North America for leaders—local meetings, conferences, TEDx, spiritual centers, bookstores, retreats and more.

Radio Insider

SpeakerTunity Radio Insider provides 40 new podcasts, radio shows and videocasts seeking guests with life-changing information every month. You get contact name, email and phone!


SpeakerTunity Summits alerts subscribers to an array of virtual summit hosts looking for guest presenters, and also collaborative product giveaways seeking partners.


Hundreds of conferences each month for you to review and apply to in over 20 different categories.


SpeakerTunity Cities’ TEDx Directory provides hundreds of TEDx events sorted by date and by state/province. It also identifies which are virtual or live.

Radio Insider for BUSINESS

SpeakerTunity Radio Insider for BUSINESS, provides 40 podcasts, radio shows and videocasts that have B2B audiences.

Member Access:

Fill Up Your Speaking Calendar

The Art of Filling Your Speaking Calendar Online Course with 6 powerful modules that provide all of the nuances of getting a speaker booker to say “yes!” including instruction on writing your speaker one-sheet and your proposal letter.

Get More Radio and Podcast Bookings

Rocket Your Radio & Podcast Bookings Online Course with 5 powerful modules that give you everything you need to know to woo a show host or producer, including how to write the all-important pitch letter. 

TEDx Insider Secrets

In this 90-minute Masterclass, I’ve convinced three of the top TEDx coaches in the industry to spill their secret strategies for you.  They aren’t just coaches --one was a judge at one of the premier TEDx events in the US, one was a TEDx organizer at the leading, long-running event in Canada, and one has a viral TEDx video that has 300,000 views and counting!

Tech Tools Treasure Chest

800+ Tech Tools and Resources at Your Fingertips in 20 categories -- to save you from ever having to search for what you need! Better yet, it’s ever-expanding. Add your own newly-discovered resources organized in one place so you never have to search online, in your files or your emails for a solution.

Booking System

Speakertunity Cities’ Speaker Success Booking System provides everything you or your virtual assistant needs to get started booking you.

Virtual Networking

SpeakerTunity Recurring Virtual Networking Update provides an ongoing list of recurring low and no cost virtual networking events for a leader looking to attract new clients and partners on a consistent basis.

Speaker Showcase

Claim your profile where meeting and event planners can find you. Connect and network with other speakers in the Members Only community.

Resource Collective

The Resource Collective features all of the experts and resources you need to uplevel your speaker success.  Find any resource you need here first!

Changemaker Circle

Changemaker Collaboration Circle introduces you to a vast number of influencers and like-minded leaders who can support you, offer you access to their communities and provide information that will rocket your own growth.


The SpeakerTunity Shares group is where community members and our team exchange new speaking opportunities with the SpeakerTunity Community.

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Cheat Sheet

A handy reference to download and complete to have your speaker and conference information ready to easily copy and send.

Live Sessions

Jackie Lapin and the SpeakerTunity® team host live monthly Zoom sessions with coaching and hot seats.

The January 2023 call is postponed.  If you have urgent questions, reach out to me directly!

Every third Thursday of each month at 2:30 PM Pacific / 5:30 Eastern.  Add to your calendar:

Additional Speaker Resources

SpeakerTunity Sheets

SpeakerTunity Sheets provides affordable professionally-designed Speaker One-Sheets and Podcast Introduction Sheets @ $349/ Speaker Sheet, $299/Podcast Sheet. All you do is select the template and colors, submit information in the form. 

Book For You Virtual Assistants

Don't have the time to book more speaking appearances, podcasts and virtual summits yourself?  Book For You Virtual Assistants is a team dedicated to getting you booked for 20, 40 or 80 hours per month.