The 2024 State of Speaking with Jackie Lapin and the SpeakerTunity® team!

An On-Demand Presentation

What will make the difference for you heading into 2024?

For years, SpeakerTunity® is on top of the speaking industry to help you understand and adjust to the biggest changes in the year ahead.

  • How will live events continue their massive, record-breaking rebound in 2023 into 2024 and how has this impacted both virtual and hybrid events?
  • Marketing for speakers continues to change dramatically with the explosion of AI in 2023 and the costs for all types of events changing dramatically. What do you need to know that will keep you profitable and successful?
  • What are the big trends that will impact you the most in terms of getting booked and growing your community in 2024?

Everything you need to know will be summed up in the State of Speaking 2024 featuring our expert team!

What Jackie Lapin will share on the call:

  • The latest data on the events industry and what we're seeing via our research in SpeakerTunity®.
  • The record-breaking year in live events and how that's impacting virtual events.
  • How SpeakerTunity® is adjusting to these trends in our services for speakers.

What Ken Course will share on the call:

  • The big changes in cost and profitability headed into 2024 for events and promotion.
  • Why AI needs to be on your radar and how to use it efficiently and effectively in the year ahead.

This is the best way to create success in your speaking throughout 2024.