The State of Speaking in 2023 with the SpeakerTunity® team!

An on-demand presentation.

Are you staying on top of the big changes to the speaker world in 2023?

As your speaker and leader resource company, we're up to date with just how much the industry is changing in the year ahead...

  • Live events are back in a big way, hybrid events are growing, and virtual only event registration and attendance is dropping back to pre-pandemic levels.
  • The social media marketplace continues to demand more attention and content from speakers to reach new audience.
  • There are better tools and resources for speakers to create content faster than ever before - especially video.

Everything you need to know will be summed up in the State of Speaking 2023 featuring our expert team!

What Jackie Lapin will share on the call:

  • The latest data on the events industry and what we're seeing via our research in SpeakerTunity®.
  • How to prepare yourself for the rebound in live events and make sure you have everything you need to succeed.
  • Updates from our recent speaking events including the NSA.

What Ken Course will share on the call:

  • The massive change in social media in 2022 and why you need to take advantage now.
  • The updated tools every speaker should know and be using to create content quickly and easily.
  • The teammates you need to consider in this new marketplace to grow your brand faster.

What Kelley O'Hara and Jeff Donovan will share on the call:

  • The latest updates to your SpeakerTunity® toolbox added this year to support you in 2023 and beyond.
  • How to best use your SpeakerTunity® resources for success.
  • Where you need to go to get direct support from our team.

Kickoff your 2023 successfully with the biggest speaker event of the new year!