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Find Your Stages Through SpeakerTunity!

The Direct Connections and Training to Fill Up Your Speaking Calendar, Create Explosive Business Growth and Change More Lives!

Are you ready to get the contacts and leads that will put you in front of audiences that crave what you offer? Your connections are ready to be delivered to you – without ANY additional research!

SpeakerTunity® is the leader in identifying and collecting all of the contacts that will enable you to have an impact—giving you simple easy-to-access resources that won’t break the bank!

Tailored to the needs of leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, health practitioners, network marketers and anyone else that needs to get in front of an audience to growth their business.

Erin Loman Jeck

Executive Speech Coach, TEDx Speaking Coach and Speaker

“I purchased the SpeakerTunity Cities Directories for three different areas in California. I was looking to start my own speaking tour in California as I was preparing to promote my upcoming Transformational Speakers Summit event in Southern California (I reside in WA). I set up a generic email script and pulled open the list and started emailing all of the event organizers listed that fell into my ideal audience, and to my delight, I was able to set up 15 speaking gigs within 2 weeks, with only a month in advance to being there. These lists are accurate, informative, and LUCRATIVE. If you are even wondering about purchasing these lists, DON’T WASTE your time- PURCHASE IT NOW! I was able to generate over 20K in sales from these speaking opportunities, well worth the cost of purchase.” 

SpeakerTunity® helps you identify key local events and start speaking in your own backyard.  But why is that so important?

Suzanne Evans

Founder of Driven Inc., The "Tell It Like It Is," No Fluff Boss of Business Building

Suzanne Evans knows how to build a business and understands just how important it is to speak at the local level.  That's why she shared this video to tell you exactly what a difference it can make for you and how SpeakerTunity® Cities can help you get booked now!

Speaking Opportunities

Cast a Wide Net

Want speaker leads from all over North America, radio shows podcasts and virtual summit delivered to you monthly?

Then subscribe to any one of these for $35/Month (or all at $85/month).

Expect to see new leads in your email box every month!

Or Get All 3 and Save!


Want hundreds—or even thousands—of contacts for speaker bookers at meetings, venues and associations in the market of your choice—and then have a year’s ability to access updates?

Then purchase your SpeakerTunity Cities® Speaker Leads Directory for your hometown market –or another market of your choice-- for one single fee of $497. 

The majority of these events have gone virtual for 2020 and 2021 and are still valid for your market!

TEDx Directory

The TEDx directory is now GLOBAL and is updated through 2024 with hundreds of events around the world.  The directory is now at 1,200+ events, the largest list ever!

An easy to use directory of more than 400 TEDx events in the US and Canada that can be sorted by date or location.

Find the perfect TEDx event to make your debut in 2020-2021 or improve upon your last brilliant 18 minutes!

Find Virtual

Networking Opportunities

For years, SpeakerTunity® has been known for providing leads for live speaking, podcast, radio shows, and virtual summits...

Given this unique time in the world, we're now expanding to include Virtual Networking Opportunities as well!

This one-year subscription gives you access as the list continues to grow!

Speaking Resources

The Speaker Success Booking System

Are you tired of struggling to figure out what to say and when to say it to get booked for future speaking gigs?

Is your current pitch hurting you more than it's helping you?

Does the timing of your process for booking give other speakers an advantage over you?

What are the critical pieces missing in your process to make sure you get all the gigs you need to keep your audience and business growing?

That's where the Speaker Success Booking System comes in! 

Speakertunity Sheets

Easy and Quick Speaker One-Sheet and Podcast Introduction Sheets!

In order to impress a speaking opportunity decision-maker today—whether it’s at the local level, a national association or major event stage--you need to have a professional looking Speaker One-Sheet that showcases you.

And while you can pitch podcasters with a text-driven pitch letter, it’s even cooler when you can give them a beautifully-designed summary of your expertise and your suggested topics.

But hiring a graphic designer to put it all together can be expensive.

So SpeakerTunity® saw a way to make it simple, easy and affordable!

Create Irresistible Booking Materials

Need the confidence to know your presentation materials will actually get bookers excited?

Learn how to write sensational, successful, "yes-generating" materials with the "get booked on stages, radio shows, and virtual summits" training.

Fully Booked: 10 Secrets Successful Speakers Use That Keep Their Speaking Engagement Calendar Full Year Round.

Fully Booked

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