Your Questions Answered.

Your Speaking Calendar Full.

The Early Stage Speaker Incubator with Jackie Lapin will give you a roadmap that will help you discern your immediate next steps, answer your questions and provide solutions that will help you get the results you need.

An On-Demand Presentation.

Communities We Serve:

SpeakerTunity® and I are here to help you get ANSWERS!

"I just wish someone would help me get booked more often..."

I'm answering the call!

The topics include, but are not limited to:

  • How do you need to position yourself for the best results?
  • What do you need to impress bookers and land opportunities?
  • What is the magic you need to get more bookers to say "Yes?"

Come for the roadmap, and stay to learn about our new, first-time ever 10-Week Get Booked Coaching Program that will handhold you through everything you need to do to get a ton of bookings on your calendar.

It's our first ever coaching program to give you all the training, resources, support, and focus to get the speaking engagements you need.

No question is too simple OR complex!