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Who Should Join SpeakerTunity® Members Only?

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  • You are a Speaker, Transformational Leader or Changemaker who needs your message amplified to audiences around the world.
  • You want to SERVE more people as well as other speakers and leaders who have the same mission as you.
  • You understand the importance of Outreach and Community in building your business and developing partnerships.
  • You're ready to take a bigger stage in your speaking business and your life.
  • You  know that more speaking will make a MASSIVE difference along with what you're already doing to grow your business right now.

Why You Should Become a Gold Member:

  • You understand that you will need to focus on many different aspects of speaking to truly expand your impact.
  • You're ready to grow your list and build a larger community right now.
  • You are willing to commit hours per week or hire a team to get booked.
  • You want a complete Booking System already mapped out to follow -- in order to reach your speaking goals.

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amy dix


You have made my life easier and saved hundreds of hours for me and my team!!

“Booking local events is the key to growing your business and getting on bigger stages!

SpeakerTunity gives you everything you need to talk to the right person in the right categories so you can leverage your message for more business! I have even been able to get on national stages, as a result of local speaking engagements.

You have made my life easier and saved hundreds of hours for me and my team!"

What You Get with GOLD:

ALL of Our Subscriptions for Speaking, Interviews, Summits and Conferences

Instead of just one directory, you'll receive access to ALL of our speaker lead subscriptions including live and virtual speaking gigs, radio/podcasts, summits and conferences.

The Complete SpeakerTunity® Booking System

Easily grab samples, templates, scripts and other proven speaker resources including our Tech Tools Treasure Chest to increase the chance that you'll get booked from your outreach efforts.

Live Coaching and Hot Seats with Your Expert Team at SpeakerTunity®

Get your questions answered by the SpeakerTunity® team and connect with fellow community members during our live monthly sessions.  

As well as everything from our Silver Membership:

A Like-Minded Community of Experts

Connect with other speakers, leaders, authors, entrepreneurs and experts on the same journey as you for advice, referrals and resources.

A Showcase for Bookers to Find You

Show off your unique specialties and speaking experience to the world in a number of different formats to demonstrate your brilliance. 

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Team up with organizations like SpeakerTunity who can help you to get your message out even further!

We do about 300 events for small businesses and entrepreneurs internationally. The question is, why is it important to speak as much as you can?  Why is it important to build locally? Build local with Eventbrite, Meetups, Rotaries, Chambers, or wherever you can speak. Team up with organizations like SpeakerTunity who can help you to get your message out even further!