July 24

Get Booked, Public Speaker! – Tips From A to Z | Tip O

Tip O

So I’ve filled up the SpeakerTunity® You Tube Channel with tons of useful content for speakers, leaders and authors seeking to use speaking as a way to attract clients–and to get booked for those gigs.. Yet, I still have more tips for you! So we’re going to cover them from A to Z, short tips which pack a big wallop!

Today’s Tip is …..

O is for Offer. Do you have a clear and concise offer? Have you created either a compelling free offer that is irresistible for the audience to register for– including a possible free consultation or strategy session? Or have you structured a product that is easy, clear and priced right for the audience? Have you provided incentives for them to buy—such as bonuses, or limited time availability, or special only for this event? Even if you are just selling a book, you should have in mind where you are taking this audience next—a coaching program, a webinar, an event, etc. Knowing exactly what you are marketing and your marketing sequence will actually make it easier for you to sell yourself with confidence to your next booker.

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