May 29

Get Booked, Public Speaker! – Tips From A to Z | Tip G

Tip G

So I’ve filled up the SpeakerTunity® You Tube Channel with tons of useful content for speakers, leaders and authors seeking to use speaking as a way to attract clients–and to get booked for those gigs.. Yet, I still have more tips for you! So we’re going to cover them from A to Z, short tips which pack a big wallop!

Today’s Tip is …..

G is for Giving Back. In this world today, especially with millennial audiences, social commitment is an element that can pay dividends. If your offer includes an element of giving back to the community once the client signs up, or you can show that your program involves some kind of group activity that enhances lives, animals or the planet, this can also be a plus in your positioning yourself to get booked.

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