April 24

Get Booked, Public Speaker! – Tips From A to Z | Tip B

Tip B

So I’ve filled up the SpeakerTunity® You Tube Channel with tons of useful content for speakers, leaders and authors seeking to use speaking as a way to attract clients–and to get booked for those gigs.. Yet, I still have more tips for you! So we’re going to cover them from A to Z, short tips which pack a big wallop!

Today’s Tip is …..

B is for Books. If you wanted to get booked for speaking gigs, one of the most important tools you can have in your corner is a book. When you portray yourself as a subject-matter expert as the author of a book, this significantly enhances your chances to get booked for speaking. The book needs to look professional, with a well-designed cover, even if you are self-publishing. Books–even smaller ones—give you a leg-up on other speakers. It’s not so important you sell a lot of books…the book is the wedge that opens the door. This is also true of radio, podcasts and TV. So if you don’t have a book, consider writing one..There are lots of ways to do this—book writing workshops, ghost writers, book coaches, online programs, editors and hybrid publishers, who can all help you along this journey.  So get a book to get booked!

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