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The nOMad Collective

I help people feel more embodied and empowered in who they are.

Phoebe helps people feel more embodied and empowered in who they are and who they are becoming to have a greater sense of belonging in the world.

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She has been a teacher, speaker, and guide for over 25 years but it was after a year of extreme loss in 2013 when she found herself in the vast open space in between her old life and a new life, that she dove deeply into her practices and began her company, nOMad to help others through their own transitions and spaces in between. Throughout that time, Phoebe also developed her own movement/embodiment practice, Mvt109™ for students to fully embrace the freedom of moving in their bodies, transform old and held patterns, and reclaim the vibrations & stories they want to bring to life. Her Mvt109™ practice is featured in her course on DailyOM. Phoebe also finds joy in sharing her story to her to help others in their own transformation and embodiment. You can learn more about Phoebe's story on her TEDx Talk, her podcast The Space in Between, her chapter in the multi-authored book, Caged No More, and her solo book, Dear Radiant One that is now available.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Phoebe serves people (of all kinds) who want to connect more deeply to their inner landscape and expanded awareness to go beyond the mundane realities of life and create a life worth fully living.
How do you transform your audience?
Phoebe interweaves personal storytelling with easy and accessible knowledge of the energetic body, nervous system, and emotional awareness/intelligence with humor and a subtle strength and power that transforms the audience at deep profound levels.
Presentation #1 Details
Our Body Knows: Unpack the Stories Within to Become Embodied & Empowered See and experience the body in a new way on an energetic level to begin to liberate the old stories we want to release. In this talk, become more aware of the stories in our bodies that want to be seen, heard, and felt. Phoebe shares her personal story of a year of great loss in 2013 that led her to understand how to decode her body's messages which began her own physical and emotional recovery. From Phoebe's inspirational story she gives YOU an opportunity to listen to your own body and the stories it shares with you with these are 3 easy steps: Stop. Be a witness Ask Questions. Be curious. Give it Expression. Be in the moment. Key takeaway: It’s time to move beyond the “mindset” work and become more aware and embodied. Our body is sharing messages through sensations, emotions, and if we don’t listen, we become dis-eased. When we begin to listen to our bodies, we begin to change how you experience our world.
Presentation #2 Details
The Chaos Code: Discover Clarity Beyond the Noise In these times of chaos, how do we rise above the noise and remember that there are more possibilities beyond what we see in our tunnel vision? Learn a few simple practices to crack The Chaos Code and change how you work more effectively and more creatively. 1. Learn to Discern what is noise and what is worth listening to 2. How to PLAY with Chaos 3. You choose HOW you create your world. Key takeaway: We all have the ability to transform, no matter how chaotic our world is and how stuck we feel. When we have the courage and curiosity to explore a new way of seeing who we are and what we want to create in this world, anything becomes possible.
Share any books you've written, films you've produced, etc.
Book: Dear Radiant One: An Emotional Recovery Story and Transformational Guide to Embody the Dance of Life Published by GracePoint Publishing in 2022 ABOUT THE BOOK: Phoebe Leona takes us on her journey as she dances through the twists and turns of life. She guides us from the shadows of fear, anger, grief, shame and loneliness and asks us to step with her into the light of gratitude, trust, confidence, joy and love. Phoebe’s own childhood journey from trauma to radiant spiritual teacher, reminds us that we are all authors of our own stories, and we can rewrite them at any period of our lives. Through her letters In Dear Radiant One, Phoebe shares vulnerable and honest interaction with her own emotions that provide inspiration and access to our own internal landscape. She provides specific practices that are an open invitation to explore our vulnerability and honest experiences of our emotional bodies. Get ready to dance with your radiance.
Share any Certifications, Degrees, or Awards you have.
BFA in dance from University of the Arts 500 E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance since 2010.
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
Phoebe brings a unique perspective with powerful and inspirational stories and knowledge that is based on simply listening to the body and it's messages to embody life to the fullest. Think of these talks going beyond the very popular "mindset work" discussions and step into a deeper understanding of how to transform your life from the inside out to change your entire blueprint for a better life and world.
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
Phoebe's talk was equally informative and engaging as it was honest and heartfelt - her message was exactly what I needed to hear and receive that day. I firmly believe that in order to live and move through this world fearlessly and unapologetically (especially as a woman) is to have unwavering trust in our own intuition, and that begins with listening to our bodies and the messages they send us. When we are able to create the space for our whole selves to be witnessed we have the ability to reclaim our power and Phoebe gave us all an opportunity to be reminded of that choice. - Lea Isidora Onayan, Fearless Women's Summit Participant '22 (Fort Lee, NJ) “Phoebe Leona is a master storyteller who captivates the audience and leaves them wanting more. Phoebe takes the audience through a journey of self-awareness, intuitiveness and healing. Phoebe helped us to identify the connection between our physical and mental health and provided strategies, tips and resources to avoid, impact and heal. Phoebe's message resonates with women from all walks of life equipping us with better coping mechanisms and actionable steps to increase our total wellness from a holistic approach.” Monique Denton Founder & CEO Embrace Your CAKE, LLC & The Sisters Inspire Sisters Network “The Fearless Women's Summit in Fort Lee, NJ in April 2022, had a fiery, magnetic, soul inspiring spirit named Phoebe Leona. I met Phoebe at her vending table, and I resonated with her spirit immediately. She has a calm, soothing spirit but when she is in action about her craft, the rhythmic soul releases an ease of encouragement and authenticity that will rock your world! This dynamic speaker, author, dancer, and yoga teacher will leave you reaching more within to find the true meaning of who you are and to never settle for less.” Dawn C. Benjamin
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