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The Flavor Remedy

People feel empowered to choose food that's better for them based upon the flavor that is grown and raised into food. When they understand the nutrient/flavor correlation, they are empowered to make food more satisfyingly delicious and healthy for themselves and all life on our planet.

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Describe the work that you do.
I work with wellness communities, regenerative food organizations and natural products brands to elevate their messaging so that consumers are empowered to trust their sense of taste as a guide for quality and healthy food choices. I do this by demonstrating how flavor intensity improves in healthy growing conditions, and how consumers can find ways to understand why we are driven by flavor, sometimes to our health and sometimes to our detriment of a food addiction. My work leaves the audience with actionable items that make them feel empowered, curious, environmentally impactful and EXCITED about eating healthy again.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Wellness communities who are guiding consumers to eat a more whole food based diet.
Environmental and health conscious brands who want to elevate ingredient quality by supporting regeneratively grown food.
Food organizations who are trying to shift the food system into a more environmentally friendly living system.
How do you transform your audience?
Audiences don't typically think of their own sense of taste as a trustworthy tool when it comes to choosing healthy foods. For decades we have struggles with ever changing diet trends, government suggested food pyramids and confusing certifications and nutrition panels. Food science is confusing and ever changing. My audience is instantly transformed when I remind them that they do have a built in ability to understand the correlation of nutrients and flavors. They leave feeling curious and empowered to understand that their own taste buds can in fact guide them into healthier choices that not only support themselves, but inadvertently also support better food growing practices for our planet.

I do this using science backed data combined with an invitation to embrace our own body's somatic experiences so that we can learn to recognize when flavor correlates to nutrition and when it might not.
Presentation #1 Details
Want to Eat Healthier? Focus on Flavor! (directed towards Wellness communities/Nutritionists)

How many times have you tried to take on a healthy eating plan and just plain given up because the food didn’t taste good? If so, you’re certainly not alone, and you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Flavor matters. Flavor is what drives our human instinct to heal, detoxify, and thrive in our bodies. After all, your sense of taste (and technically your sense of smell) are what you were born with to detect nutrition. Join us for a fun and interactive hour of diving into the 5 flavor categories we experience on our taste buds and why flavor is such a powerful influence when we choose our foods. It’s so much more than “This tastes good. This tastes bad!” You’ll leave this conversation hungry to empower your own choices by embracing flavor, not resisting it!

This presentation (details can be adjusted based on timeframe) will:
* Engage the audience in either as imaginative or actual tasting experience that demonstrates the 5 tastes we experience on our taste buds.
* It will demonstrate how those flavors currently show up in our foods.
* It will remind them of the individual power they have to make choices based on their innate ability to taste, cutting through confusing dietary advice.
* It will help the audience understand how food from nature correlates to nutrients
* It will reveal where they may be making choices around flavor that aren't satisfying and demonstrate why that is.
* It will help them understand how layering flavors can make typically unappealing foods taste better while adding more supportive nutrients
Presentation #2 Details
Elevate Your Natural Food Brand's Impact Through Flavor

You value quality sourcing and want to be a brand that generates a positive change. Learn how flavor sourcing can elevate your brand beyond the labels. By demonstrating the 5 tastes we experience and acknowledging the various sources of flavors, you can not only make conscientious choices in your ingredients, but you can demonstrate to your consumers that you care about the effect your brand has on their health through the lens of flavor.

This presentation will demonstrate:

* How your ingredient choices make an environmental impact
* How to demonstrate the impact of your ingredient choices as valuable to stakeholders.
* How to recognize the correlation of flavor and nutrient density in your ingredients
* Marketing techniques to elevate your brand as more flavorful AND impactful.
* How to have conversations about flavor as an experience, not an ingredient.
Share any books you've written, films you've produced, etc.
I've published a chapter in an anthology book called Ready To Fly
I'm currently writing my own book with a working title: "This Delicious Life - Falling in Love with Food Through Flavor."

I've also done a TedX Breckenridge Talk : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDVS2yAwwmE
Share any Certifications, Degrees, or Awards you have.
TedX Breckenridge: Your Tastebuds as an Ambassador to Nature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDVS2yAwwmE
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
There's no one else out there offering an approach to healthier eating and a healthier planet by elevating our sense of taste as the catalyst.

Immersed in the regenerative food space, Sherry has donned many hats within the industry. Her local and organic culinary arts expertise and healing food journey has carried her through the roles of spice blend manufacturing, restaurant management, Executive Chef and product development for nutrition bites for cancer patients. Her most recent work within the Farmer’s Footprint community has fueled her desire to elevate conversations about creating a more regenerative food industry through the language of flavor. Her on stage talks (including Tedx) and presentations evoke personal curiosity and self empowerment by revealing the connections between nature's flavor and nutrients. She sees this simple connection as a powerful way that consumers can make choices to shift our food system while improving and somatically understanding their individual health. She strives to bring collaborative expertise to light for conscious consumers seeking to heal themselves and the planet through more flavorful regeneratively grown and raised food.
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
"Sherry is a great speaker and always rallies a good group. Consider bringing her discussion of nutrient density and flavor back to your communities at large "
Zach Bush, MD & Co-founder of Farmer's Footprint

Lauren Tucker, Co-Founder of Kiss the Ground and Lead at ReNourish Studios

“Sherry presented her webinar, Want Better Health? Focus on Flavor!, for the TIAA Living Well workshops series and I was impressed by the research and the information she shared. She brought a new perspective to how we can experience taste and how it can then influence how and what we are eating. Instead of using a superficial flavor ingredient, we can experience the real flavor of everything we eat without having to add anything to it. Experiencing my apple in this way made it more enjoyable and made eating more fun. I received positive feedback from our employees as well with regard to how they are using it to create more unique meals and snacks for themselves and their families. I highly recommend this webinar for any company looking to inspire their employees to make healthier nutrition choices. Sherry is able to offer science-based information in a fun and engaging way that encourages the group to share their experiences. This was an eye-opening webinar for us all.”

Emily (Meadows) Sharpe
Living Well Program Director | TIAA Health & Wellness

Sherry Hess is amazing, her passion, and dedication to food, flavor, and nutrition shows through her speaking. She is truly bringing back our awareness to the food we eat. She shares her chef stories and relatable experiences to aid in understanding how exactly our taste buds do their jobs and why. She speaks with power and persuasion and she coaches with even more. Better flavor really does mean the food is better for you. Ask her about the tomato when you see her, it will bring your awareness to 10. Sherry's message is so important as we navigate the minefield of food, diets, and advertisement from big food and big pharma. Sherry is definitely who I follow for food advice and knowledge. Julie Smith, Body Affects

"Whenever I find someone who is PASSIONATE about something, I love getting to know them, because they do what they do out of LOVE. Seeing Sherry Hess speak and command the stage was powerful. I didn't know someone could be so passionate about TASTE. Hearing Sherry's stories brought back memories of my days on Oahu where my dad grew cucumbers, sweet corn, tomatoes, papayas, avocados, bananas, 250 lb pumpkins, and yes even the world's largest pineapple where my father's photo is in the Dole Plantation Maze. Sherry brought to light the importance of where I get my food and the soil that I didn't realize made a difference. Not only was I educated, but I was also INSPIRED. Getting to know Sherry a bit more off-stage, I've seen this passion comes deep within her soul and she lights up when talking about taste. Her background is also fascinating and she has accomplished SO much, but her SMILE will warm your heart and your audience as she is an excellent communicator." -Shelly Au, Speaker, Author of Two Beautiful Daughters: Anger & Courage
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