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Storyspire Studios

1. Engage - spark interest, hold customer attention

2. Relate - trigger emotion, build trust, connect

3. Probe - identify pain points, uncover needs, gain buy-in

4. Educate - explain complex ideas, solve problems, provide solutions

5. Persuade - generate excitement, influence behavior, leave lasting impression that will make them memorable.

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Phil Darius
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This program is the first step to overcome the fear of public speaking. It is designed to help presenters get in touch with their authentic self, discover their strengths and leverage expertise which will lead to confidence in communication.


This program teaches storytelling. Storytelling is a multi trillion dollar industry. Human beings are wired for stories. In this workshop presenters will learn Hollywood's formula for storytelling. This formula can be used to communicate points in a variety of different ways. Presenters become more engaging by appealing to the emotions of the listeners.


Presenters will learn how to use logic to drive points home and make their ideas logical. They will learn argumentative and persuasive skills as well as effective nonverbal communication skills. 85 percent of our communication is nonverbal. There is power in gesture to communicate ideas.


This workshop teaches how to connect and effectively interact with the audience. This will keep them engaged, entertained, and inspired. This program will help presenters learn methods of dynamic outreach that will increase audience involvement.

Stage Craft

This workshop will teach presenters how to use the dramatic arts. With stage craft presenters will find physical freedom in the delivery of their presentations. Movement strategically used is the most powerful way to make a presentation entertaining, engaging and educational.

Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Sales People
How do you transform your audience?
Darius inspires confidence in his presenters. His techniques remove anxiety and fear and generates in the presenter the ability to create a presentation that is engaging, memorable and inspirational. He's met with Brokers, Movie Producers, Bankers and Influencers who have struggled with putting together a great presentation. His students have gotten, job offers, standing ovations, promotions, business growth, personal growth and more opportunities to speak. Leaders, Sales Reps and Team leaders have learned how to be effective.
Presentation #1 Details
Secrets To overcoming adversity by Manifesting Your Destiny

Plato’s sculpture

The Source

The imagination

The Action

The Source

Ether Energy Einstein
Our Personal Power

The imagination

Drawing from the clay
Creating the picture
Feeling the end result


The courage to begin with gratitude
Course correct as you move toward the vision
The Divine does abundantly more the we ask or think

Overcoming the unexpected

3 sisters story

The universe as weaver
Events and creation as materials
Time as the cutter

Fate or faith

The shortest distance
Society values
If you want to know the future create it


Chicken And Eagle story
Find your affirmative community
Living in your Heaven


The divine spark of inspiration

We are beyond our bodies

Our source of joy

You know the secret. Manifest your destiny
Presentation #2 Details
Young man in Omaha Nebraska found his purpose in life as early as age 7. But as a young adult he knew the whole my way to grow himself and grow his business was to take up live speaking class. When he was called upon to speak, he was so nervous he quit the class. But as he sat home and thought about what it would mean to his growth if he did not go back, caused him to return to the class. After passing the class and later becoming one of the riches men in the world he went on to say, “ when you public speak your unusual self comes out. You will increase your worth 50 or 60 percent. If you do it will be an accent for 50 or 60 years. If you do not do it it will be a liability that will last you a lifetime. This man is Warren Buffet. And when you go into his home you won’t see on his wall the degrees from his business schools but you will see the certificate he received after his completion of his public speaking class.

What is the unusual self

You as the teacher
If you believe it the audience will believe it

The George Lucus Story

Reaching the heart through stories
Story structure/ the structoof nature

Let it land

The drama of facts numbers and statistics
Nonverbal communication
Appealing to reason The power of rhetoric

Stage craft/The connection to the audience

It’s not about you.
Make them your friends
Give them value to walk away with


Practice does not make perfect but perfect practice does.
Your message is your gift.
You only get better
Share any books you've written, films you've produced, etc.
100 Lives: Available on Amazon
Share any Certifications, Degrees, or Awards you have.
The Ostrander:
Best Actor
Best Playwright

The Adelco Awards
Best Actor
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
Darius is no stranger to stories. He has been in several Hollywood Movies(Nothing But The Truth, Brian Banks and The World We Make). He is a founding company member of Tennessee Shakespeare in Memphis Tennessee and he has performed all over the country in thousands of schools, universities, theaters, libraries as Frederick Douglass. He also has been the TEDx Memphis coach for seven years. He is a practitioner of Tai Chi/Chi Gong and teaches methods of self improvement through meditation.

Darius has directed his own movie called 100 lives. He is a two time winner of the Ostrander Award in Memphis Tennessee for best actor and best original play. He also has been nominated for the Adelco Award in New York for best actor for his One Person show on the life of Frederick Douglas. He has a TEDx talk that has inspired many lives around the world. Under his coaching and speaking many have gone from the fear of public speaking to becoming successful sales as well as on the speaking circuit.
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
Nora Murray | Director of Community Impact

We have loved having Darius as the Ted X coach for the past 6 years. All of our speakers have expressed amazing gratitude for their experience working with Darius. We look forward to working with him again in 2023

Dan McCleary
Artistic Director and Founder of Tennessee Shakespeare Company

If anyone were to ask who should coach my next Ted talk, I would tell them Darius Wallace. He took through a process that helped me excel in my presentation. I trust his coaching. You should too.

Brandice Daniel CEO // Founder // Harlem's Fashion Row

Darius is amazing. He has me and my staff through years develop our speaking skills. I look forward to many more session in the future.

Dr Michael Ugwueke
Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Darius is a very accomplished speech coach that brings out the best in you. His ability to redirect and focus you on simple methods that he developed from being a stage actor is uncanny.

La Tosha Nash

I had to prepare to make an presentation to get a bill passed that I am very passionate about. Working with Darius gave me the confidence and tools to create great argumentative and persuasive skills through storytelling. I look forward to continuing to work with Darius in the future to improve my speaking skills.

Allyson Bennet
Brand Partnership Manager

Darius is fantastic and amazing. I was able to use his technique a day after my first session and found it very effective.

Jaida Ragland
Brand partnerships Coordinator

It was wonderful working with Darius. He gave me confidence and helped me get in touch with my charisma. I learned so much!

Bradley Wilford
COO, RKA Construction

It was a great experience working with Darius. He has given our project managers effective tools to better communicate with our clients! We believe what teaches, will make us all better communicators.

Ken Ashley
Founder, Crei Summit Works

"Darius Wallace is simply amazing. His personal story, his ability to deliver has made a huge impression. He had the room in the palm of his hand. Our whole real estate conference was mesmerized by Darius and we would highly recommend him for the future! Be prepared to be on the edge of your seat during his talk!"

Melissa B Alexandra
Vice President of Foundry Commercial

I was not very good at personal selling and public speaking. I stayed in the back ground in the commercial real estate world. Then I met Darius who became my coach. With his teaching I gained the confidence to speak and have become very successful in sales and now I am excelling in leadership.
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