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The Domino Diet Put the Heal back in Health The Domino Diet Put the Heal back in Health

KLC LifeWise

Since the age of 13 I have studied wellness. from Alternative to NonAlternative Medicine I have helped thousands as a Registered Dietitian. With the combination of wellness and a life coaching certification, I bring a unique message to the Heal in the word Health. I help dispute the battle of the macros (Carbs, Proteins, Fat) by understanding the micros (vitamins etc.). I am an International Bestselling Author of a unique book called The Domino Diet--How to Heal you from the Inside Out. I am a "Dietitian on a Mission" putting the heal back in health and bringing back the true meaning of the word DIET. From the Greek word Diata---which means a way of life. This and so much more.

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Describe the work that you do.
Successful Private Practice
Motivational Speaker/#1 Bestselling Author
Registered Dietitian 30 years
Certified Life Coach
Specialized in Sports Nutrition, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Menopause, Weight Management, Understanding Self-sabatoge, Cravings and more.
Current Chair of the Media Network of Dietitians of Canada
Previous Chair of the Diabetes Educators, on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Diabetes Association.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Ideal VIP/Executive Level
Men and Women are mainly over 40.

Note: Speaker reel is being updated
How do you transform your audience?
Relatable Stories, analogies, fun humor approach to discovering wellness from the root level. Busting paradigms, exposing true cravings, changing perspective. Your audience will leave saying "I never heard it that way before" and that's a promise!
Presentation #1 Details
The 120 Day Domino Diet: How to Heal You From the Inside Out
Going beyond the symptom level
You become what you think, what you eat but also how you eat and breathe
You can heal in 120 days
What Veggies and Forgiveness have in common
The Food Battle ends
How to give a 'Shift"
Ten Top Tips
Weighting to Exhale...where the weight really goes.
So much more
Presentation #2 Details
Cracking the Craving Code--Discovering what you are truly hungry for
-the Craving Check-list
-The Hunger Helper
-The Eaters Digest
-Beyond the Scale
-It's Not Pastas Fault
-The 4-Hidden Barriers to Success
Share any books you've written, films you've produced, etc.
#1BestSeller The Domino Diet-How to Heal You from the Inside Out
Cracking the Craving Code-Transformation Guide
Activating Your Millionaire Molecules---pending
Share any Certifications, Degrees, or Awards you have.
BSc. Major in Foods in Nutrition
Registered Dietitian
Certified Life Coach
IOC Sports Nutrition
Certified Diabetes Educator
Life Mastery Consultant
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
It is a rare find to have an expert in the field of nutrition that has both alternative and nonalternative medicine backgrounds for a holistic approach. I share a story of my own health journey making it very relatable. In fact, this led me to become a life coach to understand beyond the symptom level of healing. I have been studying wellness since the 80s when Carbs were in their glory and in the 90s when fat was the focus and of course currently while proteins are the focus. Yet while they take turns in the media hype...I go to the truth of these and their hidden army. You don't know what you don't know and those who dispute any of these macro giants...simply are missing pieces to the puzzle and unless you treat the diet with this completeness and go beyond the body...the message is also incomplete. I may be aging myself but going through menopause and discovering the message goes beyond suggesting carrot sticks...means I have been there, have seen my way through the dark night of the soul and I have made my message about the true meaning of the word diet, from the Greek origin word Diata which means a way of life!
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
Mary Morrissey and the Brave Thinking Institute have called on me several times to speak. They are a reputable organization! I have spoken to thousands on virtual and in-person platforms. Stay tuned for my upcoming Tedx. I have several testimonials available and can send in attachments.
What is your primary speaker business model?
Open to All Options
What is your minimum fee requested to speak?
$750 for virtual prepared talk of 45-60 mins In-person 45-60 mins min $1500 Customized talks and workshops are dependent on time and location. $3000 and up as a rule
What is the minimum audience size you require?
5-10 is appropriate depending on the intent and if able to promote my VIP programs preference is 20 for intimae group and >150 for larger setting
Will you travel to speak?
What is your speaking preference?
Open to All
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