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The Sleep Queen – Create A Life You Adore

I guide professional women to creating an amazing night's sleep, AND a life they adore.

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Mana McMahon
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I'm a healer and coach... With my 5 Step MM Method, I excel in moving people into a structure where they're simply creating what they love.

Rather than problem-solving, or fixing themselves.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Professional women who seem to 'have it all' (money, fame/status etc), but not the important things - vibrant health, love, bliss, freedom, fulfilment.
How do you transform your audience?
Using my 5 Step MM Method.

Combining ancient shamanism, alchemy, epigenetics and neuroscience.
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The 5 Steps To Create A Life You Adore
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Sleep To Dream - The 5 Steps To Vibrant Health, Energy & A Life You Ador
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Award winning "City of London Speakers Association" Speaker.

Past president of same association.
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“I have had insomnia since I was 12.
For decades I would be up most nights.
I was in utter turmoil. I was prescribed anti-depressants, then temazepan.
After ten years I saw Gerri [for sessions], I was soon calmer and happier. I started to go to sleep at 11pm and wouldn’t wake until 7am. I still enjoy sleeping normally.” Natalie, West London

"I worked with Gerri when I felt that I needed a significant boost to get me to a new level of success and happiness in my life.

I needed the assistance of someone who could remove deep blocks to my progress. Gerri is someone I trust totally to work at the most influential levels of my personality.

The results have been remarkable.

In the first few months after meeting her my earnings tripled and my energy levels became higher than at any time in the last 15 years.

There was a huge improvement in the harmony between me and everyone else in my life, colleagues, family and friends.

I know that Gerri has trained hard to reach this point but she must surely be remarkably gifted to have this effect."

Peter Fahy, Headhunter
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