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DNA Wellness

I help my clients become the healthiest version of themselves.

I work individually with each client to help each one of them become the healthiest version of themselves – whether they are dealing with active disease management or recovery; disease prevention with risk factors; or obesity with complicating factors.

My philosophy is simple.

Every person is unique and should be treated as an individual. Therefore each plan is as unique as the individual. This is my clients' personal optimal blend.

Adopt your customized plan as your lifestyle not a quick fix. This is the key to long term lasting results.

Real individual accountability and support. This is my clients' key to continued success.

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Describe the work that you do.
My powerful principles:

Principle # 1: Everyone is unique – there is no one size fits all.
I design your unique optimal blend, not a generic diet or a magic pill. When you follow a blueprint designed around your unique biology, you will never have to diet, take medications, or deal with the pain and frustrations you have been experiencing again.

Principle # 2: A permanent healthy lifestyle, not a quick fix diet that will ultimately fail. A long-term healthy lifestyle that is natural and made for you will result in long-term results and satisfaction. The only magic bullet is you.

Principle # 3: A tough-love support and accountability principle. One major reason “diets” fail is not the person following the diet, but the lack of personal support, encouragement, and a trusted source who keeps you challenged and accountable.

When you work with me, you are the driver. I’m your GPS. I keep you on track, even if you get lost. I never give up on you!!
There is no perfect. But with accountability and support, you will get better every day.

Imagine how it would feel if you had your very own expert accountability partner, committed to you and what’s most important to you.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Target Marget-1 – Ideal Weight
I help people who struggle with weight & obesity, and pain and discomfort caused by excess weight.

Target Market-2- Nutritional Healing
More than 85% of medical conditions are due to improper nutrition and lifestyle that leave people suffering from unsolved health mysteries that no medicine can resolve.

Target Market-3- Anti-Cancer Nutrition Therapy
More than 85% of common cancers are directly linked to unhealthy nutrition and lifestyle, yet close to 98% of treatment recommendations involve toxic chemicals that leave the body weaker and more vulnerable to ailments as a result of those recommendations.
How do you transform your audience?
Target Market 1 Transformation: I help people who are fed up and discouraged by numerous failing diets get results once and forever.
When they work with me, they lose weight while eating more and experience much less pain and discomfort. They happily and freely engage in activities they love and thought was never possible. I make their impossible POSSIBLE.

Target Market 2- Transformation: I help people who are fed up and discouraged by numerous failing attempts at traditional methods. I help them unravel their unsolved mystery.

When they work with me, they learn to identify the root cause of their problem and the key components to permanently eliminate the pain and suffering. They experience little to no pain and discomfort, they happily and freely engage in activities they love and thought was never possible.

Target Market 3 - Transformation A cancer diagnosis leaves the affected person and their family confused, hopeless, desperate and vulnerable. I help people regain control, find hope, and take actionable steps to prolong and improve their quality of life.
Presentation #1 Details
Talk Title: Uncover Three Secrets to Reclaim Your Health with Food

This talk is for you if:

• You were recently diagnosed with cancer
• You believe you are at risk of developing cancer, and you want to take control
• You have a history of cancer and want to prevent relapse
• You are feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, desperate, or confused about cancer
• You worry how much time you have left to see your children and grandchildren grow

This talk will help you discover:

• The three mistakes cancer survivors must avoid
• The biggest myth in cancer treatment. And why I do the opposite to customize a unique plan for you
• The secret ingredients to more effective cancer therapy. You will have better, longer-lasting results, fewer toxic side effects, and greater energy
• The cancer survivor’s blueprint for hope. I'll show you how to take back control, defy the odds, conquer cancer, and reclaim your life
Share any Certifications, Degrees, or Awards you have.
Ph.D. in cancer biology/ immunology
B.S. in Genetics and food biochemistry
Certified Health Coach for Patient Care
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
I have a unique background that puts me at a position to be able to provide very specialized health and wellness counseling that is very rare elsewhere.

I have a Ph.D. in cancer biology, I have 5 years of clinical research in immunotherapy, and a bachelor's in genetics. I use all my training and skills to research every individual and develop a plan that is uniquely customized to them. NO 2 plans are the same unlike many "customized plans" out there.

I have the background and knowledge to educate my clients so they have the knowledge to guide them through life even for years to come without my help. I am able to reveal and dispute myths they learn on the internet.
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
These were questions posed to my clients as part of a market research:

What do I do measurably better than others in my field? The main reason you chose me to be your health consultant.

• A.K: You make actionable suggestions and consider factors of diet that are overlooked by most of mainstream medicine. You treat the cause rather than just the symptoms. You were suggested by another health practitioner who I trust.
• D.S: Your individual, detailed approach to my needs
• J.M: When I first heard you speak about your program I was drawn right in. It was your passion for teaching/sharing what you knew to be true. I believed in you because you spoke with such conviction, you made me believe that food was medicine.
• J. P: My health comes first. It's not about quick results or instant gratification. It's about the long term life goals and living a healthy life. Learning ways to make improvements to create the lifestyle which supports health and wellness.
• S.I: I chose you after a recommendation from Dr. Bryan N., but as soon as I met you I knew I was going to be in good hands with an extremely knowledgeable expert with an encouraging approach.
• S.M: You have a solid understanding of food and people, you have a sense of humor, you are dogged and you know that the results will speak for themselves....
• R.B: I appreciated the focus on inside-out, meaning focusing on what goes in which will result in how a body looks, feels and functions. After hearing for YEARS that this was "just what happens as you get older" it was a relief to hear you say that it doesn't have to be that way.
• M.W: You listen and tailor a food plan to my specific needs to achieve my weight loss goal. Your advice to achieve success is always SPOT-ON!!!

What is the most valuable thing I do for you that makes you feel supported and successful in reaching your goals?

• A.K: Encouraged me to consider changing my diet. I also really value your weekly survey as it helps me track how I'm feeling and keep tabs on my progress and goals.
• D.S: You listen and give honest, direct feedback. You ENCOURAGE, and are SINCERE in your belief that we can reach our goals no matter how big they may be.
• J.M: You make yourself available, should l need advice or a reset I know you are there for me, even after all these years.
• J.P: I think honesty and encouragement. People need to hear the truth even when it's not what we want to hear. It isn't easy making lifestyle changes but there are no excuses. That's the easy way out. While it can be very difficult we all can make the improvements.
• S.I: Your detailed menu plans, shopping lists and recipes were very helpful. Your constant support, and ability to reach out to you with questions was also helpful. I always knew I could reach out and that you were in my corner.
• S.M: Humor, knowledge and, to a fair degree, flexibility/the ability to adapt. Also, your food resources/referrals (and recipes) are so helpful.
• R.B: your prompt answers to questions your thorough explanations so I know why I'm doing certain things
• M.W: Your patience. It is not easy to change over 45 years of unhealthy eating habits. You are always there, checking in a random times. Sometimes it is tough love, other times just a “how can I help” email or text. For me, it seems your timing is always perfect….always when I need it!

What is the reason you believe I can help you or someone like you?

• A.K: You are knowledgeable in your field, open-minded, and confident enough to make truly actionable suggestions to patients.
• D.S: You care deeply about your clients! Your quest for knowledge.
• J.M: I believe you can help anyone if they are ready and willing because you have passion for health and the knowledge to back it up.
• J.P: The results speak for themselves and a person with discipline to follow the plan. We live busy lives and there are too many conveniences that are not in our health's best interest. Someone has to want to commit to the lifestyle.
• S.I: You offer amazing encouragement, knowledge, guides (meal plans, recipes, etc), wisdom, support to set those willing to put the work in, a plan for success.
• S.M: You have a solid understanding of food and people, you have a sense of humor, you are dogged and you know that the results will speak for themselves....
• R.B: the meal plans make it easy. I don't have to think about what I'll make and as I progress in the plan, it gets easier to be creative on my own. The meal plan teaches me how to think about food even more than I did before.
• M.W: Your wellness programs work! I have achieved results and believe anyone who is willing to try your plans, will receive results. However, they HAVE to be willing to listen to your advice and WILLING to give it an honest effort. There is no magic bullet

List 3 Qualities/ Characteristics that makes me different compared to others in my field?

• A.K: 1- open-minded. 2- knowledgeable. 3- makes actionable, meaningful suggestions
• D.S: 1- You care deeply. 2- Research/quest for knowledge. 3- Individual approach to each client
• J.M: 1- You are a living example of great health 2- Your dedication 3- Your back ground in science
• J.P: -1 Honest without reservation 2- Level of training and education 3- Truly care about people's well-being
• S.I: 1- Expert in the subject 2- Flexible 3- Supportive and open
• S.M: 1- you do not work with main stream foods 2- you have a very good understanding of what each client needs. 3- Your background and education
• R.B: 1- use of research to support plan 2- consideration of weight goals, health goals, cancer avoidance goals 3- providing meal plan
• M.W: 1- Caring 2- Patient - you never give up until results are achieved 3- Honest
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