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I help entrepreneurs remove money blocks and attract clients easily.

I help entrepreneurs remove money blocks and attract clients easily.

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Describe the work that you do.
Speaker: conducting pre-speech research, writing and outlining speech content, and delivering high-quality speeches to audiences all over the world.

Mindset Coach: I improve the quality of people’s lives using science and psychology to help them reach their most elusive personal and professional goals.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Female Entrepreneurs
How do you transform your audience?
I have licensed Bob Proctor's Thinking Into Results system. I use this 6-month coaching program to help my clients identify and change their limiting Beliefs, upgrade their Self-Image, and re-align their Habits so that it's in harmony with the goal they going after.
Presentation #1 Details
Learn the Secrets to Goal Achievement so that the accomplishment of your business goal becomes INEVITABLE.

Do you have a specific goal, but don’t know how to achieve it?

Do you know some of the ‘how’ steps, but are letting your fears block your vision and progress?

Do you want to reach more clients and make a bigger impact?

A few years ago, I set a goal of becoming a speaker and speaking on an international stage, having no prior experience, while still working at this same frustrating point in my IT corporate career. I wanted to impact people and make a positive difference around the world. Initially I struggled to make this happen, and then I got my hands on some information, which moved that goal into form fast. Since I’ve learnt this information, that I will share in this unique presentation, I’ve spoken on multiple global stages.

Now I want YOUR audience to benefit from this information too!

During this presentation, you will learn:

• The 3 types of Goals, and which one is the only one worth pursuing
• A proven formula to achieve any goal you desire, even when you don’t know how
• How to overcome Fear when it strikes, so that you don’t sabotage your success
Presentation #2 Details
There is a simple concept which when fully understood and then changed, unlocks the door to abundance in your business!

Are you putting in the work but still not seeing the fruits of your labor in your business?
Do you have an ambitious business goal, yet it feels like something is holding you back and you not quite sure what it is?


Two years ago, I set a big goal, and I was working day and night to make it happen. With all that consistent effort, I felt stuck and I couldn’t understand why. Then I put an idea I had learnt to work and almost overnight, everything changed! I had a massive breakthrough in my business.

During this talk, I am going to share the details of this story and expose the idea that had such a profound impact for me, in the hope that it has the exact same impact for you and your business.

It is a simple idea, and it’s so obvious, but then we have to ask ourselves why are so many entrepreneurs stuck?

During this talk, you’ll discover:
• The root cause of your current results; and how to change it
• Three income-earning strategies; and which is the best one to use
• A strategy to turn your annual income into a monthly income
Share any books you've written, films you've produced, etc.
Share any Certifications, Degrees, or Awards you have.
Lee travelled to Boston in the USA, to receive his training at “The Harvard of Professional Speaking Schools” – The Bill Gove Speech Workshop. Other noteworthy graduates from this prestigious workshop include speakers like Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen and Zig Ziglar. This very specialized training has earned Lee the designation of Certified Corporate Speaker with the International Association of Corporate Speakers (IACS).
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
Because I have a deep and sincere desire to equip my audiences with the necessary tools to become the very best version of themselves. And I believe I have the right system and enough talent to pull it off.
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
“I found Lee by the will of the universe and I am so glad that I did! Lee has helped create the mindset that I needed to move my business forward exponentially. He has given me the tools to do whatever I set my mind to!”
Jessica Lopez – Executive Director of BNI El Paso, Texas

“Lee is such an inspiration and has such talent as a coach and motivational speaker.”
Michael Mandarino – Owner of 123 Investing LLC
What is your primary speaker business model?
Speak-to-Enroll from the Stage
What is the minimum audience size you require?
Will you travel to speak?
What is your speaking preference?
Virtual Only
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