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William Burdine Photography

I am passionate about capturing authentic, real moments. Incredible moments happen in an instant, when captured they are treasured forever. I am as excited to see you Share, Celebrate and Remember them with those you cherish in your life.​​​​​​​

Life moves quickly, people always seem to be busy, yet a moment captured halts all and the emotions and feelings, even the laughter happens all over, Life is about the memories with great smiles.

Events bring people, ideas, business, concepts, closer into alignment. When people come to an event, sit at a big round table, share food, thoughts and stories, everyone learns, they become elevated at some level and inspired to do more.

Over 6 years of Event Photography experience.

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AVAILABLE for TRAVEL / Destination Events


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I capture the moments as they happen, not just on the stage, but in the audience, foyer, and networking areas. I have worked with high value and highly targeted speakers and exclusive events. I am comfortable interacting for set up shots or candids. To see more and connect visit
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Full Day and Event Duration coverage, providing up to 50 Daily EDITED Highlights at the end of each day. Priority Turnaround services with in 72 hours are available.
- Set up Shots, i.e. establishing venue look
- Detail Shots, you invested in details, they should be captured
- Stage Personality Shots, you worked hard to have them on your stage and having quality shots to represent your brand, venue or event are NON-Negotiable opportunities
- Quality Speaker Shots, Branding, Promotion, Social Media
- Panel Shots, all panels bring value and show continuity of event messaging
- Networking Shots, your audience is there not only to learn, but to be seen, having quality shots of their interactions, helps to promote them as well as the venue and events host

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AVAILABLE to Travel for your Event.