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Strategic Communications and Speaker Coaching

As a recovering broadcast journalist, I use all the skills that go into on-camera performance and storytelling to help my clients be more persuasive and therefore more successful. For me, the most engaging and persuasive presentations are a marriage of properly curated and structured content, and performance! I often tell my people that "it's not a meeting; it's a television show!"

I started my own coaching and training business after leaving daily television news as an anchor and reporter. Initially I was offering media training and corporate video production but a series of generous colleagues kept pushing my envelope to include all the aspects of communications I support you with today.

You can ask me to help with creating your content, doing better with Q & A and shining once you're on that stage.


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My clients tell me they've never felt so in control of their material, and so confident in stepping up to the spotlight to deliver it. I am always supportive even when I make you tear your script apart, and have many satisfied testimonials I can share.
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We can work together online or in person in real time or asynchronously. Get in touch to learn more about the most efficient coaching you've ever tried! First consultation is always FREE.
I record all our live sessions and send you detailed suggestions and feedback. No need for retainer or huge financial commitment. The goal is to help you, not bankrupt you!
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