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Jan challenges your audience to embrace "Cheer Leadership™" by getting them out of their comfort zone and engaging them in a fun, interactive way.


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I am a high energy speaker who uses lots of audience participation, which means NO boring slideshow presentations! This customized talk would be the right balance of humor, audience participation, actionable tools, and inspiration. If you’re tired of hosting events and educational programs where participants spend their whole time on their phones, then I am the speaker for you. I will keep your audience engaged and on the edge of their seats from the first minute. Please visit my YouTube channel:
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"Cheer on Your Team: 52 Tips to Increase Employee Retention, Engagement and Loyalty"
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Whether you need a high-energy, high-impact opening keynote speaker or a powerful closing inspirer, Jan Spence is the speaker for you! Her presentations offer the perfect blend of rich content and actionable tools and takeaways with entertaining humor, interactivity, and fun. Jan has presented around the world and across industries to help organizations, associations, franchises and individuals reach their full potential.
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