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I help coaches sell more books, courses, and programs by setting up a system that does the selling for them in the background, freeing up time for the work they really love.

How? With sales funnels. I'm one of those odd ducks who loves funnels. To me they are a gift to you and to your audience because they make the path to your doorstep super clear and people can feel guided and supported along the way.

Plus they make your website start working like an extra VA who never takes time off! Having your website ready to grow your audience and sell you programs day or night really helps you scale.

Especially for authors, I love to help them utilize their book long after the launch to bring people towards their paid offers.


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When you hear the word "sales funnel" you are likely to think of a loud and agressive man with a baseball cap yelling at you from a stage. But funnels don't have to be pushy. Funnels can be a beautiful experience for you and your audience. I believe in kind funnels that treat your leads with respect.
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All you have to do is set up a strategy call with me and in one week we can get your book funnel up and running. We'll discuss the exact set up of your unique funnel and what you want it to sell for you. Once you have it in place you'll be able to focus on promoting just one single link (for something free!) and let the sales take care of themselves.

Watch the short on-demand masterclass to see how this book funnel functions and then schedule your call!
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