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Glimmer Learning specializes in working with speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs to engage their inner "spark" so they show up with clarity and confidence, create more engaging content, and powerfully connect every time they speak. You learn to create experiences to shine on any stage and make an impact through the power of your voice.


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What makes you special or unique? Why do customers choose you?
I've been told "I'm a breath of fresh air, master of visibility and confidence..." and "...interested in learning about those she serves...". I really believe my uniqueness is in being able to listen first and bring out the natural ability I see within each of my clients (what I call their "spark") to share their message and own uniqueness with their audience. It's my gift which allows you to connect to an elevated version of yourself. You already have everything you need waiting to shine!
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Content Marketing Strategy: Visibility Ladder Consultation
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Do you need support creating a Visibility Ladder that feels authentic to you? Something that will take your audience from cold to hot, creating those raving fans who can't wait to take the next step with you! Let's use this session to understand how we can work together to create a content marketing strategy designed to drive profits and achieve maximum results.
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