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Genius Goals

We help purpose-driven thought leaders reimagine their business, expand their impact, and increase profit without wasting time and money so they can stay in their creative brilliance.

  • Turn Your In-Person Services into Online Offerings with Ease
  • Design Offerings that Create Lifelong Customers
  • Attract and Convert Leads with Integrity
  • Design and Implement Quiz Funnels that Sell


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About This Resource

What makes you special or unique? Why do customers choose you?
Our purpose is to unlock the potential of conscious thought leaders and their organizations to expand their positive impact in the world.

We founded Genius Goals on Lion’s Gate 2022. Kymm brings over 25 years of experience working with small businesses and corporations in areas of technology and innovative learning. With over 20 years of experience across multiple business domains, Dianna has been helping companies bridge the gap between analog and digital, and along the way developed sales and marketing superpowers that support and enliven customer relationships, event management, and public relations.

Throughout our careers, we’ve always been driven to create and innovate in ways that truly change the game. When our paths converged we recognized the perfect compliment we create with our expertise, experience, and enthusiasm.

Fast forward to Genius Goals. Now, we have the joy of working together to create solutions that truly make a difference for our clients and extend their impact in the world. We are deeply inspired by the movement toward purpose driven business and the thought leaders who walk their talk. Let’s up-level conscious business and humanity together!

"I have been blown away by the value we continually receive from working with Genius Goals.
The Genius Goal team has a depth of knowledge that constantly delights and surprises. They have led us through the process of reinventing our business model and establishing a significant customer funnel, replacing existing technology with better or lower cost solutions, and supporting us in putting our best foot forward when meeting significant opportunities.

Their team has held us to the highest use of our individual and organizational purposes, while also holding our hearts amidst the uncertainty and discomfort that is a necessary part of transformation. My team and I feel incredibly lucky to have crossed paths with Genius Goals; a rich thought partner that consistently exceeds our expectations and believes in the future we are creating together."
Corey Blake
Founder and CEO, Round Table Companies
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We help you grow your business in pace with your purpose and the changes in the marketplace.

The business and marketing strategies you implement today aren't going to be as effective next year. Things are changing that fast. You need strategies that can easily adapt and keep you ahead.
We begin with listening.

We learn who you are and what impact you want to create in the world. Then, we listen deeply to your market to discover the places where you and they meet in shared purpose.

With that clarity, we help you design products and services that directly meet your customer's needs time after time and provide an automated lead-generation process to pave the way to a win-win-win relationship.
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