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Epic Vision Zone

I'm the Founder of the Epic Vision Zone, a video, and podcast show streaming on all prime platforms and YouTube. The show features world-class founders, influencers, and thought leaders who inspire, educate, and provide resources for female entrepreneurs, changemakers, trailblazers, and more so that they can level up to step up to the Epic Life they've always dreamed of.

Our mission is to mentor and inspire women to epic greatness doing work they love while enjoying the fruits of their labor.


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What makes you special or unique? Why do customers choose you?
Impact and influence with an engaged audience while broadcasting you in your best light. We script every show with educative and insightful questions that best highlight and serve every guest speaker and their business and/or service. Our goal is to bring out the awesomeness in every guest we host so that audience members take action.
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Professionally developed video podcast show with high production quality. As a former television producer, my team and I work to create a show with informative content using a professional video streaming software program called Vmix to show you in your best light.
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