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At Creative U Business we help creatives and healers build and grow their online businesses. We can help with all aspects of building the business from what platform to use, to how to grow your list. We specialize in Kajabi as a leading platform for building your business and in creating summits for growing your business. Need help building landing pages, or creating your course? We can help you do what needs to be done to become a profit-generating business.



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Larissa Russell has over 30 years as a creative and over 15 years as a healer. She moved her business online even before the pandemic hit and built her business with summits. She is the founder of Creative U Healing and due to the overwhelming amount of questions, she was asked from the hundreds of creatives and healers she hosted through her summits, she has helped numerous women launch and grow their online businesses. And, Creative U Business was born from her desire to help more women.
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We have found that often Creatives & Healers don't know how to move or grow their business online, we help take all the confusion away so you can spend more time doing what you love. We can help you create a course that sells, or set up your website with all the pages and automation you need. Thinking about hosting a summit, we specialize in summit hosting and can help you each step of the way.