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Your success in business and life is directly proportional to your ability to effectively communicate your passion and your vision. Communicate2Succeed is dedicated to helping Introvert Entrepreneurs – especially  coaches, consultants, authors, techpreneurs, and small business owners – learn effective and engaging communication.

With various training programs such as the 5-Day Craft Your Keynote Intensive, the C2S Academy, the SpeakerPro Mastermind, and the upcoming, Speaker's Experience Podcast, owner and communication expert, Dallas Amsden, provides tools, training, and resources to help speakers at every skill level so they can Communicate2Succeed.


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What makes you special or unique? Why do customers choose you?
A lot of speaking and presentation coaches focus on an outside-in approach to public speaking. "Structure it like this," "Watch your pacing here," "Get rid of your filler words such as, 'Um,' and 'Uhh'," and "don't forget your call-to-action."

That approach can seem daunting to an Introvert Entrepreneur such as coaches, authors, consultants, and techpreneurs...

...When I work with my clients, we take an inside-out approach:
– What's your special magic you bring to the world?
– What is your passion?
– Your expertise?
– Where do you feel most aligned when talking about what you do?

When prospects talk with me, especially the introverts, they feel a deeper emotional connection and deeper empathy from me than they do with some speaking coaches who only want to paint-by-numbers. I am interested in one thing only: letting them be their Authentic Self on stage or in presentations without having to "act" like something they're not. When their passion shines from the inside-out, there is always magic in that.
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The 5-Day Craft Your Keynote Intensive for Introvert Entrepreneurs
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The 5-Day Craft Your Keynote Intensive was created for Introvert Entrepreneurs — coaches, consultants, authors, techpreneurs, etc. — to give them a place to create their Signature Talks.

There’s an old saying: “People buy from people they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.” Nowadays, there’s a 2.0 version of that saying: “People buy from people they see as an EXPERT.” When you speak from the stage, you have the opportunity to hit all four of those checkmarks:
✓ They get to KNOW you quickly
✓ They decide if they LIKE you at an accelerated rate
✓ They can easily build TRUST if your talk is authentic and confident
✓ And... when you have a presentation that connects deeply with them, they see you as an EXPERT

During the 5-Day Intensive, you will:
→ DISCOVER the one template you need for creating powerful presentations so that you can rest in a structure that allows you to be yourself.
→ DEFINE messaging that resonates with your ideal audience that will lower their sales resistance and deepen emotional connection with you.
→ DEVELOP emotional language and metaphors that connect with the widest audience possible so that you can increase your impact.
→ DESIGN the full outline of your Signature Talk so that you will be stage-ready in only 5 days!

Whether you’re just getting started with public speaking and need to build your first outline, or whether you’re “punching up” a previously-used talk to increase conversions, this 5-Day workshop is for you.
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