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As the Speaker and Leader Resource Company, SpeakerTunity® is committed to provide speakers EVERYTHING they need to get on more stages -- while building their impact and client lists. To that end, we can’t fulfill every need, and so it is incumbent upon us to provide a resource directory to our community that provides an easy way to find other providers who can uplevel their presentations, stage delivery, look, marketing, client acquisition, business development and much more!

SpeakerTunity Resource Collective® aims to be the one single source where speakers can find the best experts and resources to help them succeed—and we want to invite you to be among the first to see this “speaker’s Yellow Pages” opportunity -- and to join!

The Categories We Are Currently Offering:

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Speaker Coaching

  • Speaking Coach
  • Vocal Coach
  • Enrolling from the Stage Coach/High Ticket Selling
  • Story or Presentation Development Coach
  • TEDx Coach
  • Diction & Translation Support

Booking Assistance

  • Booking Assistance
  • Online Speakers Bureaus
  • LinkedIn Experts, Services or Training

Speaker Business Development

  • Monetization Coaching/Business Building
  • Audience Relationship Coach (NLP, Disc, etc)
  • Sponsorship Coaching for Speakers
  • Event Development and Management
  • Follow Up Skills and Processes for Speakers
  • Social Media for Speakers
  • Content Management for Speakers
  • Podcasting for Speakers
  • Media Training & Publicity for Speakers
  • Speaker Joint Venture Connections

Speaker Support Services

  • Headshot/Event Photographer
  • Videographer/Sizzle Reels
  • Speaker Stylist
  • Theme Music for Speakers
  • Celebrity Introductions for Speakers

Speaker Tech Services

  • Websites for Speakers
  • Lead Generation Magnets, Landing Pages & Funnels
  • Testimonial Gathering Resources
  • Texting Services for Lead Gen
  • Speaker App Development
  • Bots for Speakers

Design Services

  • Speaker One-Sheets and Speaker Handouts
  • Slide Presentation Design
  • Standup, Table and Hanging Banner Design

Book Development

  • Full Book Coaching/Publishing  Services
  • Publishing Solutions
  • Editors & Ghostwriters
  • Bestseller Campaigns
  • Other Author Marketing Services

Speaker Mindset

  • Speaker Mindset Coach
  • Confidence Coach
  • Eliminating Fear of Public Speaking

Speaker Associations and Media

  • Speaker Associations
  • Speaker Magazines
  • Speaker Podcasts
  • Speaker Blogs
  • Speaker YouTube Channels/TV Shows

If you don’t see a category that fits you and believe you have a service that specifically addresses the needs of speakers, then let us know, but we hope you will naturally fit into one of these sectors!

There is no fee for a basic listing..

And aside from standard listing information, we invite you to tell Speakers “Why you are special!” in your own words—what sets you apart, why you would be the perfect fit! And there will also be a video for you to promote your services.

For $297 you can also secure one of three “featured” spotlights, highlighting your business or service for three months in your category—putting you at the top. This will be a three-month rotation, allowing all of our Collective Partners the opportunity for additional exposure on a rotational basis.  (If you aren't in the first three, you'll be added to our waitlist to add you to the next promotional period.)

SpeakerTunity Resource Collective® will be part of the upcoming launch of SpeakerTunity Members Only® -- the first level of which will introduce SpeakerTunity Conference Connections®, our new service aggregating in one single place conferences, seminars, workshops, bootcamps, expos and other limited-time live and virtual events that feature speaking opportunities. The other two levels of SpeakerTunity Members Only® will combine many SpeakerTunity® assets in one membership program, rather than just offered à la carte. All members will have instant access to the SpeakerTunity Resource Collective®.

We want our speakers to be exposed to the best in the business! Specifically you!

So please accept our invitation and secure your showcase here in the
SpeakerTunity Resource Collective®!

You are also welcome to submit yourself with additional entries to other categories with a second purchase on this page.

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