Austin Public Speaking Opportunities

Are you a speaker living in Austin and you are tired of SEARCHING for qualified public speaking opportunities on your own?

Do you HOPE to have a complete list of WHERE to apply for public speaking opportunities, local meetings, venues and associations now and in 2021?

What if you could have a directory of the speaker bookers for ALL of the evergreen speaking opportunities in and around Austin at your fingertips?

Erin Loman Jeck LOVES SpeakerTunity Cities!

What is SpeakerTunity Cities™?

  • SpeakerTunity Cities™ is a resource that provides Regional Speaker Lead Directories so that people who need to get in front of audiences to grow their businesses can get booked easily and quickly, without having to do any of the research to find those speaking opportunities independently. SpeakerTunity Cities™ provides hundreds, if not thousands, of speaking opportunity contacts at the touch of one’s finger tips within driving distance of home or office.

Why did you create it?

  • Speakers and leaders are finding that they were stymied at getting more in-person speaking gigs for these reasons:
  • They didn’t have time to find them.
  • They couldn’t find agents who would book them (most of these have left the business.)
  • They didn’t qualify for speakers’ bureaus for various reasons.
  • Online speaker’s bureaus don’t often produce, and if they do it’s inconsistent.
  • They didn’t know WHERE to find the speaker booking contacts—or even where to start looking!

  • With these directories, no speaker is kept off stages because they can’t or don’t have time to find them!

Who is it for?

  • Leaders, experts, coaches, authors, health and wellness practitioners, entrepreneurs, network marketers, and sales people wanting local opportunities. Anyone who needs to get in front of audiences to grow his/her business...and would love to do it closer to home!

Why is this important?

  • How often can you get up to 1,500 valuable, targeted contacts without doing any research? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time being on stages and supporting your clients? This is a massive time and money saver.

Do you book speaking gigs for me?

  • No, but we’ve made it easier for you to start getting booked easily yourself or to hand these directories off to a chosen assistant, PR rep or other designated person to kickstart the process.

What types of speaking opportunities are included?

  • These are all evergreen opportunities that reoccur at meetings, venues and associations.
  • There are 4 major categories broken out so you can easily select leads from the subcategories most pertinent to you. These include:

    • Business: 40+ different sectors, sorted by industry, gender and ethnicity
    • Philanthropic and Service Groups—everything from Rotary and Kiwanis to Soroptimists, Women’s Clubs, Zonta and more –anything that meets in the region
    • Consumer: All the places where you’d touch the consumer directly with your presentation (health support groups, moms, seniors, military, LGBT, parenting, libraries, bookstores, hospitals, holistic centers, etc); And much more…
    • Spiritually-Focused Groups and Venues: Unity, Centers for Spiritual Living, faith- based groups and worship centers, Consciousness Exploration groups
  • We track 850 organizations that have local chapters around the country to make sure we don’t miss any that could be important to you in your market!
  • And then we search for speaking opportunities unique to that market, not associated with a national organization.
  • However, this does not include corporate contacts, nor events and conferences.

How many entries are there in each directory?

  • 800 to 1,500 depending on size of the region.

What contact information is provided?

  • We provide the names, phone and email whenever available for each speaker booker.

Have you contacted all of these people?

  • No, we have not. We don’t have the man (or woman) power to reach out to each of the 1000+ leads in each market. What we have done is saved you the time and effort to do this research yourself. A few of these contacts may pass you along to others, and some may say they don’t accept outside speakers. Just pass that information back to us and we’ll find you something else of value.

What does someone get when they subscribe?

  • You get a full year of access to a PDF and/or an Excel file. You can go in anytime within that year and get the newest, most updated version.

What if I find out-of-date contacts?

  • You will find out-of-date contacts because organizations are always changing and we can’t stay on top of all of them. But please send us notification and we will update them and send them back to you—whether it’s 1 or 50! We’ll never leave you stranded.

What is the investment?

  • Your first directory investment is $479. But we want to encourage you to order more markets if you are finding value, so we have reduced your subsequent regional directories to $395.

  • We have also bundled certain groups together, such as the 3 in Southern California, the 3 in Northern California, the 4 in Florida and the Los Angeles-Chicago-New York Metro Directory bundle where you will get ONE DIRECTORY FREE if you buy that bundle.

What if I want to mix-and-match cities from around the country?

  • You are welcome to do that but there is no special pricing for putting them together. You will invest $479 for the first one and then add any others at $395.

What happens at the end of a year?

  • If you want to get continued updated listings for any market that you have subscribed to after the close of your first year, you can extend your enrollment for $299/year…about half or one/third of your initial investment.

How can I use this directory?

  • Use these SpeakerTunity Cities Regional Speaker Leads Directories to locate opportunities where you can introduce your programs, services and books, or even to help fill up your events. 

What do I do with these contacts when I get them?

  • Choose the organizations that are aligned with you and your message. Then propose yourself as a speaker—or have an assistant or virtual assistant—reach out to the speaker booker. The most effective way to do that is to write a compelling email, which includes a well-designed speaker sheet and short 3-5 minute video of yourself presenting. You do not absolutely need to have these additional items, but they are a great asset as you get more experienced. Once you send the proposal email, follow up by phone. 
  • There are also many suggestions on maximizing your efforts in your welcome letter once you enroll.

Does this Directory have PAID engagements?

  • Most of these engagements will provide an opportunity for you to make an offer from the stage—fee-based or free--but a smaller percentage may involve a fee paid to you to speak. Those are most likely to be among the associations listed.
  • However, if you are looking just for paid speaking engagements, this is not the resource for you.

What if I’d like to suggest something to add?

  • Please do! We are always looking for organizations, meetings and venues to add!

What could this do for me?

  • Change your future and the lives of those you serve!

Do these directories really work?

  • Erin ( her video is above) secured 15 bookings in a matter of days and generated $50,000 in revenue!

SpeakerTunity Cities

A paid subscription to SpeakerTunity Cities includes a downloadable Directory with contacts for 800 or more speaking opportunities at meetings, venues and associations in the market of your choice. This Directory in the form of a PDF or Excel file, will feature contacts in four areas of interest: business (with 40 subcategories denoted by industry, ethnicity or gender); philanthropic or service groups, consumer interest, or spiritual development and community. Each listing includes name of the organization, contact information for the booking coordinator, description of each organization’s mission and a website link. You will also receive a welcome letter with some suggestions on how best to propose yourself as a speaker. To subscribe, click the button below that applies to your selected market or bundle.