March 6

7 Ways to Make Your Message Matter to a Speaker Booker

Hi I’m Jackie Lapin… and the fact that you are watching this video tells me that you have a passion to help people make empowering changes in their lives. I’ve spent the last 10 working with changemakers like yourself—including such luminaries as Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Joe Vitale and Arielle Ford—to enable them to reach more audiences. I’ve booked more than 10,000 radio shows, podcasts and speaking engagements.

So you can imagine, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what will get a decision-maker to say “yes!”

I want to give you some insight, a little leg up over those people competing for these valuable opportunities. Let me share with you the 7 criteria that will sway a gatekeeper to feel that your message is important for his/her audience to hear. Emphasizing any of these will get the booker’s attention. Hit all 7 and you’ve got a home run!

Here’s what will MAKE YOUR MESSAGE MATTER to a booker:

  • First, your content directly addresses an issue, a challenge or a problem faced by that audience and provides a pathway to a solution. They need to know that this topic fulfills some need this audience has. That you offer a faster, better, more effective means to resolve some pain, suffering or disadvantage that the majority of this community can identify with.
  • Secondly, that your topic is timely. Perhaps there is an event, a cultural shift, an industry revolution, a tragedy, an economic trend, a change or a news development that impacts this audience– one which makes your topic particularly relevant. Maybe it is simply seasonal or holiday related—for example: a way to alleviate depression at Christmas. Timing, as they say, is everything. And it can work to your advantage with speaking, radio and summits.
  • Third, your subject matter fits the selected theme chosen for this upcoming event. Oftentimes national conferences, quarterly meetings or festivals are planned with a specific theme in mind. See where you already fit, tailor something you already have, or create a new presentation that meshes with the theme of the event or program on which you wish to get booked. The booker will think you are tailor-made for his or her agenda.
  • Fourth, your message is a match for the specific demographic. No point in talking about aging strategies for a millennial crowd, having a business sales system for a solely spiritual audience, or promoting an anti-gun message for a conservative men’s group. These are extremes of course, but you get the picture…your subject matter must be a fit…it must recognize the unique values and needs of the specific market you wish to reach. If your message IS a match for the psychographic, age, gender, mindset, professional status/skill set, health condition or other key factors for this audience, that will influence the booker’s decision.
  • Fifth, your message provides hope, inspiration or motivation that uplifts participants or provides the impetus for action. Whether it’s a sales system that will help the audience breakthrough their current barriers or a truly motivational and inspirational message, you must provide the audience hope! Hope that they can get out of the box they are in. You provide the light at the end of the tunnel, holding your outstretched hand. You show what is possible. This can provide a real impetus to put you at the top of the booker’s list.
  • Sixth, your information increases the knowledge and skill set of the audience attendees and helps create upward mobility in their lives and careers. What real value are you offering? The booker needs to know that you are willing to give the attendees really valuable content—whether it’s during a paid engagement, a speak-to-enroll situation, an opportunity where you offer something free that people can’t resist, or any other platform. You must offer great content before you can ask for anything more. And you will need to show how the attendees will be able to implement the information you provide. The booker will weigh this heavily.
  • Lastly, the seventh criteria. Your message includes an offer that is within the affordability range for this crowd. If you offer a high-priced program for people who have just come out of the foster care system or are struggling single moms, the booker will feel you are offering people something that is not within the realm of their possibility. If your price point is a reasonable match for the audience, then your message is an asset and not a liability, otherwise, it will be perceived as offering false hope. The product you promote at the engagement must have a price point that is a match for this audience’s economic status and previous track record.

Now that you know this, you can book yourself for a steady stream of speaking gigs! But where do you find them?

I might just have the answer to that..take a look at to discover anywhere from 800 to 1500 local speaking opportunities close to your home or office. There’s a regional directory either completed or on the way that will make booking yourself a breeze!


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